Spray Foam Insulation FAQ


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Can I Use Spray Foam In My Home?

Yes. Urecoat specializes in spraying Walltite Eco Spray Foam which is environmentally friendly and a great choice for home insulation. Due to its expanding properties spray foam insulati... read more

Can insulating your home qualify you for rebates?

Yes, when insulating your home with spray polyurethane foam you can qualify for Manitoba hydro rebates. For more information, check out Manitoba Hydro’s rebate program. ... read more

Can spray foam be applied in winter?

SPF (sprayed polyurethane foam) can be applied in all seasons; however temperatures need to be sufficient and many conditions can affect the process. Formula of spray foam is adjusted to... read more

How is spray foam applied?

SPF (sprayed polyurethane foam) is applied to substrate as a liquid using a hose and nozzle. SPF first appears as paint, but when sprayed a combination of two substances join together an... read more

How Strong is your Spray Foam Roofing System? Can I walk on it?

Yes, you can walk on it. In fact, you can drive on it, see this video below as a demonstration. Urecoat’s spray foam roofing system consists of an aluminum polymer coating applie... read more

Is Spray Foam Insulation Eco-Friendly?

Yes. Spray Foam is Environmentally Friendly. Urecoat is proud to use Walltite Eco Spray Foam which is environmentally-friendly and EcoLogo certified which is the most widely recognized ... read more

What is Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation?

Polyurethane is the most common type of spray foam insulation used as an alternative to traditional building insulation. It was originally used by the military back in the 1940’s i... read more

What is R-Value?

R-value is a unit of measure used when defining thermal resistance. When R-value is increased, the resistance to heat loss becomes greater, resulting in higher insulation value and comfo... read more

What substrates (surfaces) will spray foam stick to?

Because of the properties of SPF (sprayed polyurethane foam) it chemically bonds with most substrates; cement, wood, stone, gravel, and brick. However, spray foam will not properly stick... read more

Why Spray Foam Insulation instead of Traditional Blown in Insulation?

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Over Blown Insulation Spray Foam Insulation Performs Better Spray foam achieves up to 90% of its labeled value compared with only 50% for blow in insula... read more


Urecoat is Green - Environmentally Friendly Spray Foam

Urecoat is Green
Environmentally Friendly Spray Foam

Environmentally Friendly

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