Wall Insulation

Building a new house or renovating your home? Constructing a new commercial building or renovating your old building? Spray polyurethane foam insulation is a great choice for insulating your building walls.

Insulation Benefits

Spray foam insulation can easily be applied to interior or exterior walls for the following reasons:

  • Insulating to keep your building warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Preventing moisture from damaging your structure
  • Sealing off corners, holes and seams
  • Sound proofing your walls
  • Keeping bugs and other insects out


When insulating the walls of your building you want reliable and durable insulation!



Walltite Eco Spray Foam

Walltite Eco Spray Foam

Urecoat specializes in spraying Walltite foam insulation which is environmentally friendly and has an R-value of 6.0; making it the most recommended insulation method in the market. Walltite insulation will increase the value of your building!

See Walltite Eco Spray foam for more information.

Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Home Insulation Program

Urecoat Spray Foam Insulation can be used for the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Home Insulation Program. See Manitoba Hydro’s website for rebate information.

Commercial Roofing & Spray Foam Insulation,

As one of Manitoba’s leaders in spray foam roofing, Urecoat has completed over 4 million square feet of roofing in Manitoba. We are Licenced, Insured, and Bonded. Urecoat Spray Foam, Doing It Right!

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Urecoat is Green - Environmentally Friendly Spray Foam

Urecoat is Green
Environmentally Friendly Spray Foam

Environmentally Friendly

Urecoat Spray Foam Certifications