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Spray Foam Insulation For Homeowners

A comfortable home means having a house that is well sealed from drafts and well insulated. This means having a proper air barrier in combination with proper insulation, only this combination can keep your home warm and draft free.

Common signs that you need a better insulation and air barrier system are if walls are cold to the touch, floors are cold, heating/cooling is uneven throughout your house, you have high heating or cooling costs or you have problems with mold growth.

Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Home Insulation Program

Urecoat Spray Foam Insulation can be used for the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Home Insulation Program. See Manitoba Hydro’s website for rebate information.

These are the main areas to consider when insulating your home:

Mike Holmes Approved

Walltite Eco Spray Foam is backed by Mike Holmes! Mike Holmes Logo“I believe WALLTITE® is the best way to insulate. They stand behind their product and are constantly improving it with research and development. It’s a top quality product that’s number one in the marketplace.” – Mike Holmes

Is Spray Foam Safe for my Home?

Urecoat uses Walltite Eco Spray Foam which is environmentally friendly and is certified by EcoLogo, North America’s most widely recognized environmental certification program. Walltite Eco Spray Foam makes significant contributions to healthy, comfortable indoor environments by creating a draft-free, airtight building envelope that prevents the infiltration of pollutants, toxins and allergens. It also helps to prevent the growth of mold and fungi by controlling the movement of moisture and vapour through the building envelope and helping to eliminate condensing surfaces. Testing has proven that Walltite Eco does not off-gas any harmful toxins of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) after installation and indoor air quality is safe for occupancy 24 hours after the application.

BASF Certified Walltite Eco Spray Foam Applicator

BASF Certified | Walltite Eco Spray Foam | Urecoat Spray Foam

BASF Certified
Walltite Eco Spray Foam

BASF Certified Walltite Eco Spray Foam Applicator. Walltite Eco applicators must complete a rigorous training program and all applicators undergo periodic audits in the field from a third party resource to ensure you get a quality application.

Website: BASF Walltite Eco Spray Foam

Urecoat is Green - Environmentally Friendly Spray Foam

Urecoat is Green
Environmentally Friendly Spray Foam

Environmentally Friendly

Urecoat Spray Foam Certifications

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Residential Spray Foam Insulation

Insulate with Walltite Eco for an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient solution to keeping your home warm in the winter. View more information on Urecoat’s Spray Foam Insulation products. read more