• If you want a roof done fast, no matter how big the roof is, spray foam is the way to go. Spray foam is a quick application that can be done within days. With our large Urecoat spraying units, we can lay down a minimum of 10,000 square feet of roofing spray foam a day. A large commercial roof will be done within days whereas Traditional roofing takes months to complete on large commercial buildings.
  • Our spray foam roofing systems has no seams, whereas Traditional roofing has them throughout the roof. Overtime edges become loose, so moisture along with other unwanted things can seep inside the roofing system.
  • Spray foam roofing systems when applied, bond chemically making it extremely strong. It can hold the weight of a forklift and trucks without damaging the surface whereas traditional roofing is bonded physically with glue, screws etc. making it more prone to rips and tears.
  • The Spray foam roofing systems that Urecoat uses has a 0.002% chance of absorbing moisture making it almost immune to cracks and shrinkage. This roofing system can survive even the most harshest winters of Manitoba and the unpredictable weather that causes thawing and freezing overnight.
  • Our Spray foam Roofing System is topped with aluminium coating which reflects the sun on high measures protecting the system from heat and UV rays which normally dry the spray foam causing it to shrink and crack. Because of our aluminium coating, the Spray foam is protected from harmful heat, therefore the spray foam’s lifespan percentage is very high.


  • Spray foam Roofing systems are weather permitting systems, they cannot be applied during freezing weather, on rainy days, or extremely windy days.