Tar and gravel roofing is a conventional roofing system that has been used for decades on flat roofs. Tar and gravel roofs consist of layers of waterproof material, asphalt and tar paper, and then topped off with loose gravel. This roofing system has been very popular in the past as it is fairly inexpensive for new builds, an excellent fire retardant, and if done properly, can be a very attractive look.

Though this roofing system can work if applied properly; in the long-run many issues can arise. Repairs and maintenance for tar and gravel roofs can be very complex as it is often hard to find where the leaks are in the system. Due to the materials used, tar and gravel roofs are not lightweight and over time can start to cause sagging, leading to ponding water in low areas. This will eventually cause leaks and deterioration in the roofing substrate. In Manitoba, this can be a great concern as snow covers flat roofs for a couple months out of the year.

Urecoat offers the SPF Roofing System as a flat roofing alternative to tar and gravel roofs. This system has led to improvements in the roofing industry as more advanced materials are now in the market.

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