Repairing tar and gravel roofs can lead to a very complex process should there be significant damage or improper installation. This is the process for fixing tar and gravel roofs:

  1. Find the spot where the leaking is happening, look for areas where gravel is missing and tar is exposed.
  2. Clear off gravel in a 100 sq.ft area around this low spot and dry completely.
  3. Cut out any blisters that may be found. Allow to dry. Cracks and blisters are leak points in the system
  4. Apply tar underneath the cut areas and fold cut into the tar. Ensure the coat is applied to the entire area and extends past the repair area.
  5. Apply asphalt-saturated fabric to repaired area over the tar, then another layer of tar to the repair area and beyond to the old roof.
  6. Push stones over repair area.

This repair for tar and gravel is simply a temporary fix until the entire roof can be replaced. Repairing tar and gravel roofs can be very complex as the system is designed in a way that leaking can follow a sideways pattern making it difficult to find the initial leak in the system.

Urecoat SPF Roofing System offers an innovative roofing option for tar and gravel replacement. This system is spray applied leaving a seamless membrane where leaks cannot penetrate through the membrane. SPF Roofing System is ideal for replacing of tar and gravel roofs as the roofing system is applied overtop of the existing roof, reducing labor and costs of roof tear-off. If applied the proper way, SPF Roofing Systems will have significantly less maintenance costs than traditional tar and gravel roofs.

For more information on replacing leaking tar and gravel roofs, visit our Spray Foam Roofing page.