Metal roofs are highly susceptible to rust as they are exposed to large amounts of snow and rain throughout most of the year. Rust causes the deterioration of your roof causing further issues such as a leaking roof. Fasteners on metal roofs can also be a big source of leaks as overtime they become loose and may come out completely.

How to repair a metal roof:

  1. Clean off loose debris
  2. Tighten fasteners and replace missing fasteners
  3. Power wash entire roof to clean rust
  4. Cut repair area and patch with sheet metal that matches the existing roof. Ensure sheet metal is fully fastened and overlaps the existing sheet metal.

If you are tired of doing constant repairs on your leaking metal roof you can redo your whole roof with Urecoat’s SPF Roofing System. The SPF Roofing System will give you a seamless, highly reflective, and energy-efficient application over your existing metal roof!

Visit our Metal Roof Restoration for more information on restoring your existing metal roof.