Are you tired of fixing your leaking tar and gravel roof every spring?

Urecoat offers an alternative choice for the re-roofing of your building that is sure to stop the leaks and prevent moisture from coming through your tar and gravel roof. Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing is an innovative roofing system that allows seamless application to the roof of your building. The great thing about the SPF Roofing System is there is no need for tear off of the original tar and gravel roof. This will minimize the costs should you decide to renovate your leaking tar and gravel roof.


SPF Roofing System

The spray foam insulation is applied over-top of the existing roof providing a thermal barrier, as well as, an air-tight seal preventing moisture penetration through the roof of your building. An aluminum polyurea top-coat is then applied over the foam insulation to protect the foam from the weather elements. This aluminum polyurea top-coat is composed of aluminium materials, acts as a reflective property, which can withstand Manitoba climates giving your roof a higher durability and longer lasting life than conventional roofing systems. With the SPF Roofing System all materials are spray applied which allows the roof of your building to be tightly sealed with no holes or penetrations that would allow moisture leaking through the roof of your building.

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