Yes. Spray Foam is Environmentally Friendly.

Urecoat is proud to use Walltite Eco Spray Foam which is environmentally-friendly and EcoLogo certified which is the most widely recognized environmental certification in North America.

Urecoat’s Spray Foam Insulation Is Eco-Friendly During Production

Our spray foam insulation is manufactured using recycled and renewable materials made from non-edible castor crops. Not only is fossil fuel consumption reduced during production, but less fuel is utilized during transportation since the product is carried in liquid form.

Urecoat’s Spray Foam Insulation Is Eco-Friendly During Application

The spray foam insulation that we install uses blowing agent technology that is rated for zero-ozone depletion. Once the insulation has been properly applied indoor air quality is safe for occupancy within 24 hours after application. No harmful gasses, toxins or volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released by this product and it results in much less waste since spray foam insulation expands in volume once it has been applied.

Urecoat’s Spray Foam Insulation Is Eco-Friendly Once Installed

Our spray foam insulation offers incomparable durability, a high level of energy efficiency, minimal impact to the ozone layer and a near-zero global warming potential rating.